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Product properties and strengths

As a result of strict environmental restrictions and the growing importance of energy efficiency, the demand for insulating materials is steadily expanding. Alaska PUF has become a necessary component in a wide range of applications.

High Insulating

High insulating effect

Alaska PUF is one of the least thermally conductive insulation materials. Alaska PUF can achieve good insulation values even with thin boards/panels. This saves you money as well as weight.
Temperature Resistance

Temperature resistance

Within a temperature range of –180°C to +120°C, Alaska PUF has a high thermal resistance and good dimensional stability.
Non Flammable Non Dripping

Fire resistant & Non dripping

Alaska PUF is fire resistant and non-dripping in the case of a fire, which means it can save lives in an emergency.
Resistant Against Humidity Moisture

Resistant against humidity and moisture

Having water absorption rate less than 2%, Alaska PUF is water resistance and does not sweat due to condensation.


Alaska PUF is a recyclable and environmentally friendly product. Recycled product scraps can be used to make new items.
Free From CFC HCFC

Free from CFC and HCFC

CFC and HCFC are not present in Alaska PUF. It's also devoid of formaldehyde.
Robust & Pressure Resistant

Robust and pressure-resistant

With higher compressive strength and ability to withstand stress, Alaska PUF is ideal material for all applications
Chemical Biological Resistance

Chemical and biological resistance

Most frequently accessible chemical compounds are resistant to Alaska PUF. It doesn't decay, is mold- and rot-resistant, and is physiologically safe.
Longer life

Longer life

After installation, Alaska PUF lasts for about 20 years without any changes in characteristics.
No Sagging

No Sagging

Rigid PUF maintains it form over the time without any sagging or degrading.